About The Artist

 Adama  Nanguin

 Adama Nanguin is an Ivorian artist and designer, who creates colorful spiritual paintings inspired by his youth in the Ivory Coast, where he experienced the hardships of civil war and poverty. The contrast within Adama’s artwork is representative of a split in his early life; difficult childhood years are the base layer of support for his more recent, positive experiences, which only manifested after the artist found an outlet through his creativity.

Now a resident of New York, Adama’s artistic endeavors are an exercise of colorful geometry that express love, calm, and adventure. He finds comfort in vibrancy, and craves the control found in geometric order. Connected with what some call “the other side,” Adama experiences dreams and visions, and his paintings often represent the singular moment when, like a rushing tide of water, love and gratitude flooded his heart.

 Adama  Nanguin

Adama, an artist with Ivorian American roots, proudly embraces the symbolism of cultural fusion, emphasizing the limitless potential for dialogue and understanding at the crossroads of diverse influences. He warmly invites you to join him on this artistic journey, celebrating a shared legacy and actively contributing to a future characterized by inclusivity and harmony. Through his art, Adama passionately aims to resonate with the souls of others, sharing stories, dreams, and messages of love and daring adventure, inspiring all who witness his creations. His yearning for growth knows no bounds, as he strives to reach greater heights in various artistic pursuits, creating an expansive ripple of inspiration.
As an artist, Adama’s life unfolds as an extraordinary tapestry woven with threads of unshakable resilience, profound transformation, and unwavering hope. Emerging from the crucible of a tumultuous civil war in Ivory Coast, he sought refuge with his mother in the vibrant streets of New York City during his formative years. Through his art, Adama not only finds solace in the heart of NYC but also harnesses its brilliant light as a guiding force.

Each brushstroke, sculpture, and unique piece of Adama’s creative genius is a cathartic explosion of emotions and experiences, shaping him into the resilient individual he is today.
The New Pyramid transcends being just an artistic style; it is a transformative odyssey, a determined quest to reveal the profound richness of dreams and historical heritage to the world—a potent message of strength and audacious adventure.

Adama’s connection to the customs and legacies of the Senufo has been ingrained in him from the beginning. The Senufo culture serves as the foundational blueprint of his identity, influencing both his art and his humanity. It venerates core values of community, spirituality, and the profound interconnectedness of all life—a heritage particularly relevant in our modern world.

Adama’s artistic journey pays impassioned tribute to the Senufo culture, a force that has indelibly shaped his soul. He fervently captures the essence of Senufo traditions with a contemporary resonance, forging powerful connections among individuals from diverse backgrounds. It stands as a resounding testament to the transformative power of art, mirroring the intrepid voyage that defines his life’s journey.