About The Artist

 Adama  Nanguin

 Adama Nanguin is an Ivorian artist and designer, who creates colorful spiritual paintings inspired by his youth in the Ivory Coast, where he experienced the hardships of civil war and poverty. The contrast within Adama’s artwork is representative of a split in his early life; difficult childhood years are the base layer of support for his more recent, positive experiences, which only manifested after the artist found an outlet through his creativity.

Now a resident of New York, Adama’s artistic endeavors are an exercise of colorful geometry that express love, calm, and adventure. He finds comfort in vibrancy, and craves the control found in geometric order. Connected with what some call “the other side,” Adama experiences dreams and visions, and his paintings often represent the singular moment when, like a rushing tide of water, love and gratitude flooded his heart.